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Bee Balm, Bumblebee, Clearwing
Bee Balm, Bumblebee, Clearwing

Ecogarden is continuing to develop core features to accessible, easy-to-use ecological landscape design tools. Let us know if you have any requests for new features. We hope we’re on track to help you create great landscapes, ecologically encouraged.

Recently Completed

Undo and redo

Mistakes happen of course. Ecogarden should allow you to progress through the different stages of your design to allow for rapid experimentation.

Copy and paste

One of the core components needed to design is to copy and paste shapes as well as collection of shapes. We want to avoid the multiple steps that is required in adding shapes. Once we add more data to the shapes, this will help even more as you can create specific plants with specific details.


Touch controls

We’re working to further advance the touch controls for mobile and tablets.


Of course the core component of the design is plants, and having plant data; plant lists, gives us a lot to work with. This will correlate to the ecology, placement, diversity, and feedback the tool will give you.


Real-time collaboration with others as you create your designs. Allow others to inspect and remix the design.

Design community

Share your designs with the community. Get feedback and experiment with others.

More shapes

There are more objects used in the landscape. We hope to add more features like water features, rocks, gravel, stone paths, sheds, playsets, mulch color, and more.

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