July 21, 2021


Ecogarden Design 4.0— Polygon & Layers

Ecogarden Design 4.0 brings new shape types and new ways of interacting with the layers.

Polygon tool

Add lawn, mulch, concrete, patio, and more with the polygon tool.

Polygon’s become locked after creating. This allows more control when interacting with the canvas. You can turn off locking for a layer on the new layers interface.

7 new materials

With the polygons Ecogarden can now support different material types.

New polygon shapes added in Ecogarden 4.0
New polygon shapes added in Ecogarden 4.0


Layers are now lockable, and you can also toggle visibility.


Locking a layer prevents it from being selectable. All objects are lockable via the layers.

Ecogarden Design’s base layers are locked (lawn, patio, concrete) by default. This is to prevent mis-clicks and mistakenly moving base layer items.

Fixes and improvements

  • Improved zooming experience.
  • Enhanced mobile interface and interactions.
  • Improved exporting images.