New Groundcover

New Tree/Shrub/Herb

Choose the plant type you want. Click to add it to your canvas.

Click where you want the plant to be and it will place it.

Plants have default sizes which can be modified by using the blue control buttons.

You can change the size of the object. The diameter is in the label.

New Table/Chair

Using rotation and scaling you can arrange the table and chairs across from each other.

Then select the table and chairs to create a group.

Then you can rotate the group to fine tune the placement.

Toggle Layers

Toggling layers allows you to access plants or groundcovers that are overlapping.

Ground layers are disabled on default. To move them you will need to activate the ground layers.

Accessing under or over plants can be fustrating so you can toggle layers by group.

With the tree disabled you can now modify the lower plants/structures.


Panning allows you to move the canvas that is in view.

Panning is activated in the top right menu. With a keyboard, holding spacebar will also activate panning.


Zoom is activated with the mouse wheel or 2 finger touch.

Zoom Out

Zoom In

Delete Object

Delete objects by selecting them and pressing the delete button on the bottom left.

Export/Import the design will instruct you to download or upload a file.

Save as Image

You can download the design as an image from the settings. It will currently only take an image of the current view.