Your First Design


You will want to start with measuring out your landscape. We use feet for measurements. It might be good to start with a small part of the landscape, maybe just a garden bed to start with.

Large landscapes you can use mapping software like Google Maps to figure out your landscape sizes. Smaller landscapes you can use a tape measure, your feet or a hose.


Starting with the base layer of a groundcover. This will include lawn grass, mulch, and other low groundcover plants.


Now you can start adding our other layers of plants. You should consider plant spacing, layers, and aesthetics.

Consider adding plants in odd numbers. This reduces the symmetry between two plants and allows it to look more natural.


Structures allow you some options to add different structural elements to your landscape. This can include table and chairs or a house.

You can design more complex designs by modifying the structure elements.

Saving your design

You can save your design using the Settings page.

Sharing your design

Designs can be saved as images. To download an image, go to the Settings option. We encourage you to share your designs to get feedback.

Share your design with us on Twitter @EcoGardenDesign.

Have any questions or feedback about creating your first garden we'd love to hear about it. Twitter @EcoGardenDesign Feedback