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Ecogarden Design is a free web-based 2D landscape design tool which empowers you to design with your family and friends.

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Perennial shape that's you can use in your designs.
Image showing Ecogarden shrub shape that is used in the designs.
Image showing Ecogarden deciduous tree shape that is used in the designs
Deciduous Tree

Shapes to conceptualize

Specially chosen shapes to help you to design simply.

Tablet, laptop and mobile device with Ecogarden Design displayed.

Web-based landscape design tool

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supported on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS

Easy-to-use and accessible

Ecogarden Design that give you the power to dream, experiment, and explore with your landscape design.

Megaphone projecting out designs to the world

Share your private design with family and friends

Your design is yours. Design details kept private and shared how you want.



Design your garden

Ecogarden's free landscape design tool help's you create your garden design.

No signup required. Private & secure.
"It's hard to think of all the components to create an ecological landscape design. Tools can help put together the ecological data to help give us feedback in the design process to better reflect the ecological landscape."
Dave Lage

Dave Lage, Founder

Ecogarden Design


Informative posts about ecological landscape design and how to Ecogarden can help you create a ecological enlightened landscape.

Creating stunning plant combinations: enhancing your landscape with thoughtful pairings

July 16, 2023

Plant combinations are the key to creating interest in your garden year-round. Consider these tips about creating combinations in your garden.

Use a landscape design tool to design your garden

July 11, 2023

Using a landscape design tool for planning nad visualizing your garden. Evaluate and experiement with different ideas. Consider new ideas. And then create a plan to implement your design.

Native Plants as the Best Option to Help the World

November 3, 2022

Native plants help you, help your local ecosystem, help the world to combat all that troubles it. And can do it with just a little help from you.

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